The Importance of Timely Bus Maintenance Services

There are so many reasons why timely bus maintenance services are important, that it would be impossible to list them all here. Nevertheless, we are going to attempt to list the most important reasons why you should be getting timely bus maintenance for your bus or fleet. Components Timely maintenance prevents your engine components from … Continued

Western Canada Winter Bus Maintenance Checklist

All buses that run in the winter, especially those that operate in cold, windy, and snowy conditions have or should have a winter bus maintenance checklist. In today’s blog article, we would like to remind our readers what should be on your checklist. Tires Tires is a big one. Are the tires in good shape? … Continued

3 Common Bus Parts That Need Replacement

Buses should have regular maintenance schedules in order to prevent problems before they occur and have the buses last as long as possible. In addition, regular maintenance ensures the safety of the driver and the passengers, paramount for any business that uses buses. Nevertheless, there are some bus parts that need replacing more commonly than … Continued

What Do Bus Warranties Typically Cover?

The question in the title is very difficult to answer because bus warranties are very complex documents. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the ins and out of bus warranties. Bus warranties are not like car warranties. And that is because buses often have more than one manufacturer. There is typically an initial manufacturer … Continued

Regular Maintenance That Helps Fuel Efficiency

You probably realize that fuel prices are higher than they have been in all of 2021 and 2022. With gasoline and diesel at record high prices, anything that helps fuel efficiency is welcome for businesses that rely on fuel to operate. In today’s blog, we’re going to make some suggestions on specific things in regular … Continued

How to Budget for Bus Fleet Maintenance

The key points to remember for bus fleet maintenance are these: seasonal, regular wear and tear, make and model, and dealer. We’ll explain below what we mean by these terms. Seasonal Some types of maintenance are dependent on the weather or seasons. For example, tires need to be checked right before winter, and possibly changed … Continued

What Is Predictive Fleet Maintenance?

Predictive bus fleet maintenance is a theoretical concept that will likely soon become reality. The idea is that computer chips can be wired into a bus structure and engine and monitor all kinds of moving parts within the vehicle. The idea is similar to GPS equipment that is wired into a vehicle and which monitors … Continued

School Bus Winterizing Checklist

Hopefully you have regularly scheduled maintenance for all your buses. And experienced bus maintenance crews will know what needs to be done before winter. Nevertheless, we are going to summarize for you, here, what should be on every school bus winterizing checklist. Tires Tires need to be check for wear and tear and tread depth. … Continued

3 Maintenance Tips for Bus Air Conditioning

Western Canada experienced some sweltering hot temperatures recently and broke temperature records in both Alberta and British Columbia. With the possibility of continued hot weather this summer and overall increasing temperatures next year, now is good time to talk about bus air-conditioning maintenance. Overall Maintenance While we will talk specifically about your bus’s air conditioning, … Continued

How to Set Up a Bus Fleet Maintenance Plan

When setting up a bus fleet maintenance plan, here are some guidelines for what you need to be aware of. A spreadsheet with columns headed by months of the year will be helpful. Proper bus maintenance is very important, as it will prolong the service life of your buses and save you money in the … Continued

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