How to Budget for Bus Fleet Maintenance

The key points to remember for bus fleet maintenance are these: seasonal, regular wear and tear, make and model, and dealer. We’ll explain below what we mean by these terms. Seasonal Some types of maintenance are dependent on the weather or seasons. For example, tires need to be checked right before winter, and possibly changed … Continued

What Is Predictive Fleet Maintenance?

Predictive bus fleet maintenance is a theoretical concept that will likely soon become reality. The idea is that computer chips can be wired into a bus structure and engine and monitor all kinds of moving parts within the vehicle. The idea is similar to GPS equipment that is wired into a vehicle and which monitors … Continued

School Bus Winterizing Checklist

Hopefully you have regularly scheduled maintenance for all your buses. And experienced bus maintenance crews will know what needs to be done before winter. Nevertheless, we are going to summarize for you, here, what should be on every school bus winterizing checklist. Tires Tires need to be check for wear and tear and tread depth. … Continued

3 Maintenance Tips for Bus Air Conditioning

Western Canada experienced some sweltering hot temperatures recently and broke temperature records in both Alberta and British Columbia. With the possibility of continued hot weather this summer and overall increasing temperatures next year, now is good time to talk about bus air-conditioning maintenance. Overall Maintenance While we will talk specifically about your bus’s air conditioning, … Continued

How to Set Up a Bus Fleet Maintenance Plan

When setting up a bus fleet maintenance plan, here are some guidelines for what you need to be aware of. A spreadsheet with columns headed by months of the year will be helpful. Proper bus maintenance is very important, as it will prolong the service life of your buses and save you money in the … Continued

Winterization Musts for Western Canada School Buses

School buses can be exposed to critical winter conditions. Winter months can be hard on Western Canada school buses, especially in Alberta. The addition of snow, ice, and cold weather to school buses can lead to rust, engine breakdown, and tire damage. Coming up with a maintenance strategy is the best plan for keeping drivers … Continued

When to Start Winterizing Alberta School Bus Fleets

It is very important to winterize every unit of your school bus fleet. This is particularly important in areas where the weather is going to be very cold and challenging in the winter, like in Alberta. When to do this in Alberta is not regulated. Similarly Alberta does not have hard and fast rules for … Continued

Cost vs. Benefit of School Bus Maintenance Programs

Schools all over the world are looking to lower operational costs. A school bus maintenance program is not a good place to try to cut costs. Effective regular maintenance improves safety and saves money. School bus transportation charges depend on the age of the bus, insurance costs, maintenance expenditure, and fuel consumption. School buses are … Continued

What’s Involved With Winter Bus Maintenance?

Buses are regularly exposed to extreme winter conditions. The addition of snow, ice, and cold weather can result in tire slippage, engine rust, and all kinds of trouble. Buses, like vehicles, run differently in winter than in summer. Coming up with a year-round maintenance strategy that can be adjusted as needed, is the right way … Continued

Top Goals of a Good Bus Dealer Maintenance Program

  A good bus dealer has an operation that runs like a well-oiled machine. And a good bus dealer maintenance program for clients has several goals: 1. The dealer needs to keep the buses running well. 2. The dealer needs to keep the client and his/her passengers safe and happy. 3. The dealer should also … Continued

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