School Bus Winterizing Checklist for Vancouver

School Bus Winterizing Checklist

Hopefully you have regularly scheduled maintenance for all your buses. And experienced bus maintenance crews will know what needs to be done before winter. Nevertheless, we are going to summarize for you, here, what should be on every school bus winterizing checklist.


Tires need to be check for wear and tear and tread depth. Are these the right tires for your conditions? Do you need new tires? Do you need special winter snow tires? Make sure your tires are ready for the snow and ice and meet the specifications of whatever roads your school bus will be driven on.


Test the heater, turn it on, and if needed, clean out the vents. You may not have used the heater for a long time. Be sure to test it before you need it.


Check the battery and make sure it is ready for winter. Is the battery in good shape. We all know that cold weather is hard on batteries. If you’re hesitating about whether the battery will make it through the winter, change it now. You will not want your school bus breaking down with a bunch of children on board.

Coolant and Anti-Freeze

Check the coolant and anti-freeze. Do they need topping up? Do you need more anti-freeze?

What your school bus needs may vary somewhat depending on your jurisdiction and weather. The school bus driving at altitude in the heavy snow needs more attention than one driving at sea level. But winters can be unforgiving, so get a professional school bus inspection and maintenance check while the weather is still mild.

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