Prolonging the Life of Your Bus Fleet

Prolonging the Life of Your Bus Fleet

When a company makes an investment in machinery or equipment, it is in the best interests of the company to keep the investment in good shape for as long as possible. This is especially true of an investment in vehicles, whether it is cars, trucks, or buses. Last month we talked about the importance of timely maintenance [link to last month’s blog], but that is just part of the equation. Today, in our blog, we are going to talk about several ways to prolong the life of your bus fleet.

Timely Maintenance

So, the first and most important thing is timely bus maintenance. You do not save any money to delay fixing or maintaining a bus. Keep a strict schedule for regular maintenance, and attend to anything not working right as soon as you notice it. Timely maintenance will save you money over time and keeps equipment problems to a minimum. Buses maintained properly will last longer, they will be less polluting, and they will have better resale value.

The Right Bus for the Right Job

Respect weight recommendations for bus loads. If you are regularly overloading your bus, then you need a different bus. Are the tires appropriate for the roads the bus is using? Make sure you are using the correct bus for the job at hand and the correct tires for the road. If the business evolves into something a bit different than what you had originally planned, then you may need to modify or change the equipment to suit the job. Buses that are carrying more weight in people, luggage, and/or equipment will wear out much faster than they would otherwise, and the wrong tires for the route will cause a myriad of problems.

The Driver

Many people do not realize that how the driver operates a bus (or other vehicle) plays a significant role in how the bus equipment ages. Train your drivers, and observe how they drive. Drivers with a lead foot who stomp on the brake wear out brakes faster than the driver who brakes gently. Riding the clutch wears out a clutch faster than clutching only at the instant of changing gears. There is no doubt about this.

Try to establish a good, working relationship with your bus service people. They will be able to give you all kinds of hints on how to prolong the life of your bus fleet. For best results choose service people with long experience caring for many types of buses. Prolonging the life of your fleet is not magic; it is using the bus as it was intended, always performing timely maintenance, gentle driving, and careful attention to tires.

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