3 Common Bus Parts That Need Replacement

3 Common Bus Parts That Need Replacement

Buses should have regular maintenance schedules in order to prevent problems before they occur and have the buses last as long as possible. In addition, regular maintenance ensures the safety of the driver and the passengers, paramount for any business that uses buses. Nevertheless, there are some bus parts that need replacing more commonly than others. In today’s blog article we will talk about what those are.


Windshields, especially the front one, will need regular if not frequent replacement. This is especially true in winter in Calgary and Edmonton, and in the BC Interior, where sand and gravel are used on the roads to combat icy conditions. If a windshield receives a blow from a small rock, spider web cracks will rapidly compromise the whole windshield.


Tires have a specific service life, based on the miles traveled and how severe the weather is. Tires—just like roads–wear more when there are extremes in temperatures. So, be sure check tires on a regular basis by measuring tread depth on each and every tire.


Lights are probably the next most common part to need replacement, and fortunately, these are usually easy and inexpensive to replace. And we are talking about brake lights as well. The driver should always test the lights, like turning lights every day before going out driving.

The parts that most commonly need replacing are very similar to the ones that commonly need replacing in cars and trucks. It is always a good idea to check all of these parts frequently and in between the regularly scheduled maintenance tests.

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