Bus Seating Options to Consider

In today’s blog article, we are going to discuss bus seating options. You may not realize that there is a wide range of possibilities for bus seating. What you choose for your bus depends chiefly on three things: the intended use of bus, your budget, and your imagination. Bus seating possibilities are divided into three … Continued

Choosing the Right Accessories for a Bus Fleet

In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about choosing the right accessories for a bus fleet. Now, there is a big range of options available for buses, and what you may want for your fleet really depends on your business model. The accessories and options that may be useful for school buses would … Continued

Important Bus Accessibility Features

Buses that are specifically designed for handicapped individuals or those with mobility problems who have difficulty accessing average public transportation are called paratransit buses. Regular buses, however, can be customized and outfitted with any features that you want. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about accessibility features that are the most important. The … Continued

Top 4 Minibus Customizations

Commercial clients and businesses commonly buy minibuses and then customize them to fit their business model. Here, below, are some of the most common customizations that we see for minibuses. Seats Seats are the first on the list. Clients commonly change the seats for more comfortable or more luxurious models. Also, changing the configuration of … Continued

Common Types of Custom Features for Buses

When it comes to selecting the bus, not all rides are equal. You should consider unique custom features before you rent or buy any bus. In this blog article, we have some useful tips for you on common types of custom features in buses. 1. Great bus braking systems: A significant combination of safety, function, … Continued

Mobility Conversions for Buses and Vans

When choosing a bus or van to serve your purpose, the need for mobility options may arise. While some buses and vans already come equipped with wheelchair and mobility access, many do not. If you already have a bus or van, you may consider converting it to add mobility options. If not, you may consider … Continued

Common Bus Customizations

When looking for a bus for your company, don’t forget that customization is always an option – and may be the best options depending on the needs of your business. Customizations can include things such as engine type, chassis, seat style and amount, storage, flooring, and so much more. Engine type. Would your preference be … Continued

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