Bus Seating Options to Consider

Bus Seating Options to Consider

In today’s blog article, we are going to discuss bus seating options. You may not realize that there is a wide range of possibilities for bus seating. What you choose for your bus depends chiefly on three things: the intended use of bus, your budget, and your imagination.

Bus seating possibilities are divided into three main categories: the arrangement of the seats, the type of seat, and other accessories near the seat, intended for use by the person sitting in the seat.

Seat Arrangement

The first consideration is the arrangement of the seats. How you decide to arrange them depends on if you are trying to maximize the number of seats or maximize something else, like an area for wheelchairs or stowing area for luggage. Also, the type of seats you choose (below) will play a role in how much space each seat takes.

Type of Seat

Seat types range from simple bench seats like in school bus to very luxurious bucket seats with head rests and different incline controls. The more sophisticated and comfortable the seat is, the fewer seats will fit in a designated space and the more expensive each seat will be.

So, what you choose for seating should depend on the application for the bus. For example, short trips ferrying passengers from an airport to a hotel do not require the highest end seats. For longer trips with executives, you may want to spend more money on the comfort in each seat.

Seat Accessories

When we say accessories, we mean things like extra vents for heating or cooling, or plug-ins for electricity to charge devices, or foot rests or cup holders or seat belts. Accessories can be anything special or extra that you can think of.

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