Important Bus Accessibility Features

Important Bus Accessibility Features

Buses that are specifically designed for handicapped individuals or those with mobility problems who have difficulty accessing average public transportation are called paratransit buses. Regular buses, however, can be customized and outfitted with any features that you want. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about accessibility features that are the most important.

The First Step

The first step, climbing into a bus can be a major problem for someone with mobility problems. Most public transportation buses in big cities in Canada already have a low first step to mitigate this problem. In addition, many buses have the ability to “kneel” or make the front of the bus even lower.

For those in wheelchairs, it is necessary to have a ground-height platform that can lift the wheelchair into the bus.


The next important feature for accessibility is compartmentalization. By compartmentalization, we mean that there is an area in the bus designed to accommodate wheelchairs comfortably. Also, there needs to be an area for someone to sit because it is not uncommon for those in wheelchairs to be accompanied by an individual who does not have mobility problems. So, the bus needs to accommodate both persons traveling together.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Air-conditioning and heating that works well is critical when you are addressing accessibility. The reason is because anyone with accessibility or mobility problems could also have difficulty communicating that he or she is hot or cold. For the comfort of any handicapped individual good air-conditioning and heating is essential.

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