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When to Start Winterizing Alberta School Bus Fleets

It is very important to winterize every unit of your school bus fleet. This is particularly important in areas where the weather is going to be very cold and challenging in the winter, like in Alberta.

When to do this in Alberta is not regulated. Similarly Alberta does not have hard and fast rules for even putting on winter tires, although seven degrees Celsius seems to be the general guideline that most people follow. It also depends whether you’re in northern or southern Alberta.

Northern latitudes may start winterizing fleets in September, and more southern latitudes probably wait until October. This will be a management decision based on experience and the winter forecast. Winterizing earlier is preferable to later, all things considered.

Here are the important things you need to do to winterize your bus fleets. These include the following:

1. Check them regularly

A simple checkup procedure can reduce a lot of breakdowns. Winter weather has been known to speed up the wear and tear on many bus parts. When you don’t inspect your fleet frequently your buses will deteriorate and finally, they will be un-roadworthy. When checking your buses remember to check all fuel and fluid levels, hoses, tire pressure, springs, shocks, and battery. You need to inspect your fleet more frequently in the winter than in the summer.

2. Select the right tires

Winter demands the utmost level of traction and control. Before winter comes, invest in winter tires. Powerful winter tires help vehicles to gain traction in ice and snow.

3. Maintain brakes

The most important thing to remember before winter comes is to check your brakes. You should make sure that the brakes of your buses are in good order and well adjusted. The best brake safety is to have the Antilock Brake System (ABS) that prevent hydroplaning, locking, and skidding, if that’s available on your model. The ABS helps the drivers to steer and brake at the same time.

4. Ensure high visibility

Driver visibility is a crucial safety issue in extreme weather conditions. The wipers and windshield should be clear of snow, condensation, and ice for the drivers to see well when driving. That means that wipers need to be working well and if there is windshield wiper fluid, that needs to be topped up and a winter variety.

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