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What’s the Life Expectancy of a School Bus?

When comparing new school bus sales with the of used school bus sales in British Columbia (BC) and Alberta (AB), one commonly asked question is what the life expectancy of a school bus is. Considering the high costs of purchasing and operating a school bus, you will want to keep it running for as many years as possible. While 12 years is the average life expectancy of a school bus, there are many factors that come into play when considering this number.

Daily Use: Impact on School Bus Life Expectancy

As with any vehicle, the amount of daily use that the school bus sees can play a role in how many years of service one could expect from it. A bus that is operating for 3 hours a day could be expected to outlast one that averages 6 hours daily. Although there is no guarantee that mileage will factor in, vehicles with more mileage tend to being to have more issues and not operate as smoothly.

Proper Maintenance: Crucial for School Bus Longevity

Another consideration in determining the life expectancy of a school bus is whether it is receiving its proper maintenance. Every manufacturer provides a maintenance schedule that should be adhered to. In addition, proper winter and summer maintenance should be followed. By allowing for proper maintenance, you may increase your school buses life expectancy.

Environment and Climate: Impact on School Bus Longevity

You should also consider the environment and the elements that the school bus will be operating in. A bus that is constantly operating in cold conditions and on salted highways may not last as long as a bus that operates primarily in a more temperate climate such as the lower mainland.

Availability of Parts: A Crucial Factor for School Bus Repairs

Finally, a determining factor for the life of a bus could be whether parts are still available for repairs or not. As buses begin to age, the manufacturer may change different systems and slowly phase out the availability of certain parts for older models. If this is the case, not being able to repair the bus may cut its life short.

As you can see, there are many potential factors that come into play when considering the life expectancy of a school bus. As previously stated, the average life expectancy sits around 12 years, so if you are considering new versus used, make sure you take this into consideration and plan accordingly.

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