What is a Paratransit Bus Configuration?

What is a Paratransit Bus Configuration?


Paratransit is a word that refers to special transportation services for people with disabilities. When we consider the wide range of disabilities that people may have, it shows the need for flexible and specialized buses for transportation. When looking for a mobility bus for sale, it is important to consider the paratransit bus configuration. Some features to consider when looking for a mobility bus include:

  • Low-Floor Concepts
  • Wheelchair Accommodation
  • Entrance Ramps and Oversized Doors


Low-Floor Concepts

Many modern mobility buses are configured to have a low-floor concept. This design feature means that ramps do not have to be raised and lowered to give access, saving time and risk while loading and unloading passengers. Low-floor buses are also easier for walking passengers to load, not need to navigate difficult steps. One supplier of mobility buses, Arboc, also offers low windows with their low-floor bus, which gives wheelchaired passengers an excellent view of the outside on their travels.

Wheelchair Accommodation

Of course, paratransit bus configurations also need a spot for wheelchaired passengers to safely park and be properly accommodated for their trip. These special spots can also be accommodated for scooter passengers in many cases.

Entrance Ramps and Oversized Doors

A paratransit bus configuration also offers entrance ramps with protective edges, in addition to oversized doors. These ramps usually have extra lighting to mark them. On the bus, there are extra handrails and grab bars, as well as anti-slip floor coverings.

If you are in the market for a mobility bus, consider checking about an Arboc mobility dealer, such as Dynamic Specialty Vehicles to take a look at a paratransit bus configuration that will meet both your drivers and passengers needs.

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