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Top Goals of a Good Bus Dealer Maintenance Program


A good bus dealer has an operation that runs like a well-oiled machine. And a good bus dealer maintenance program for clients has several goals:

1. The dealer needs to keep the buses running well.

2. The dealer needs to keep the client and his/her passengers safe and happy.

3. The dealer should also help the client to meet or exceed any and all current rules, regulations, or laws, provincial or federal pertaining to the buses.

Here’s some further explanation:

1. In order to keep the buses running well, the bus dealer must really know the buses and be able to anticipate potential problems with the bus. The bus dealer needs to schedule maintenance when it’s needed and before the buses are going to break down with passengers on board.

2. And in order to keep the clients and passengers safe and happy, the dealer needs to be organized. The dealer needs to be in close contact with the client, and the dealer needs to either have or be able to get quickly any parts that are going to be needed.

3. In order to meet or exceed all the laws pertaining to the buses, the dealer must know what laws pertain to the vehicles. The dealer needs to explain to the client what is needed and make it easy for the client to do what’s necessary and meet deadlines for inspections.


A bus dealer carries a lot of responsibility. What could be worse than an ambulance breaking down on the road when a patient is on board teetering between life and death? If you’re going to choose a bus dealer to buy from or have regular maintenance from, check with some of their current clients, and find out how the dealer is doing.

Skill, experience, and a strong track record (like we have for 30 years) should go a long way to ease your concern.

Dynamic Specialty Vehicles has been supplying and servicing mid-sized buses for over 30 years. With long-term contracts with demanding clients like BC Ambulance and BC Transit, Dynamic Specialty Vehicles knows how to keep their clients safe and their buses running smoothly. If you have any questions about this article or would like further information about buses and/or services, please call us on our Toll-Free number, (888) 416-9333.

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