Spring Bus Maintenance Issues

Winter has surely taken its toll on your bus, between dealing with the ice and the dirty roads. As Spring begins to break, here are a few essential maintenance issues you may want to consider.

Lights and Mirrors

You will want to ensure that these critical systems are working and free from cracks and blemishes. It can be easy to overlook these, but they serve as two of your critical safety features, and require extra care and attention to ensure that winter has not compromised their functioning.


The cold weather can be harsh to batteries, putting not only strain on them during the cold months, but also reducing their life and performance. You will want to test your battery’s capacity and make sure it is healthy and ready to continue to perform. If not, it must be replaced. A dead battery can leave you stranded.

Interior Seats

Winter is generally a dirty season, with dirt, ice and other debris being dragged around. This includes on the feet and clothing of your bus passengers. With the arrival of Spring, you should take this opportunity to inspect your seats. If the foam is ripped or thin, it may require replacing, as it is also part of the safety features of your bus.

If you are finding the winter has taken too drastic of a toll on your bus, you may also consider looking at used bus sales in Alberta. Spring is an excellent time for coach bus sales, so you may find a great deal on a replacement that will last for winters to come.

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