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Primary Safety Features of School Buses in Canada

School buses are considered the safest form of student transportation, and they are built to conform to strict federal standards. The safety features of school buses in Canada are governed by Transport Canada and the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, which Transport Canada established.

In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about what some of these safety features of school buses are.


There is a long list of specific structural requirements for school buses, beyond the scope of this short article. These requirements include requirements for rollover protection, structural integrity, requirements for emergency exits and their release, and window requirements. There are also high roof crush standards.


School buses are equipped with flashing red lights that are activated at stops. These lights aid in the visibility of the school bus to other drivers.


School buses do not typically have seat belts. This is because the safety is provided by the concept of compartmentalization where the student is protected in his or her seat by its padding and separation from other compartments.


All school buses are the same colour of yellow. This makes school buses easily visible and immediately recognizable across the country.


School buses have other safety features like a swinging arm that is extended when the bus makes a stop. They also have special mirrors and tires, the list goes on.

The Future

There are also recommendations as of 2020 that school buses implement several new safety features, such as extended stop arms and 360-degree cameras. These newer features are being added across the country.

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