Innovations in Modern School Bus Design

Innovations in Modern School Bus Design

At a glance, school buses look a lot like they did 50 years ago. However, a closer inspection would reveal plenty of useful and modern innovations that make them safer and more efficient. In today’s blog article, we will discuss some of these innovations.

Fuel Source

The first modern change worth mentioning is school buses that run on different fuel sources, making them more economic and less polluting. Today, there are buses that run on gasoline, diesel, propane, and electricity.


If you ever saw the movie, Speed, and buses make you nervous, be reassured that today, most school buses have GPS or Global Positioning System software installed. That way, school authorities or the police can know at any time where a school bus is and what route it took to get there. This is a major advancement from 50 years ago.


Many school buses today have several cameras both inside and outside the bus. This is for the safety of the students and the driver. Cameras can not only help the driver see all around the bus, but will keep a record of any student misbehaviour or bullying.

SMART Features

Some school buses have some smart features that record fuel efficiency, for example, noting which drivers drive more efficiently than others. There may also be features like lane detection or collision warnings, which protect the passengers and the driver.


There are school buses with Wi-Fi for passengers. This feature can help keep passengers occupied on long drives and could arguably be another safety feature.

The next time you see a school bus, take a closer look, because that bus may be a lot more innovative and sophisticated than you think.

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