Why Buy a Custom Tour or Shuttle Bus?

The simple answer is that the wide variety ofneeds for shuttle busses and tour busses requires a wide variety of custom bussolutions. A large proportion of the custom busses purchased in BC are designedto accommodate people in wheelchairs or with other physical mobilityrestrictions. From lifts to ramps, and special low-floor busses, there arebetter options when you purchase a custom tour or shuttle bus.

There are so many different ways that people mayneed help that it’s hard to come up with one standard solution. Instead, itmakes perfect sense to provide a range of customization options in order toprovide solutions that work for the needs of each business and their clients.

CustomTour and Shuttle Bus Options

In the tour bus category, one of the biggestcustomizations has to do with luggage capacity. Clients or guests should beable to ride in comfort for the duration of the trip, and it’s hard to becomfortable if there aren’t sufficient luggage compartments. Often, tour bussesare also designed to maximize the number of guests that can fit in a given bussize, so cramming in the bags does not work. Shuttle busses usually have asimilar challenge. There are advantagesto having a high capacity for people, but balancing that against the luggagethey’ll be carrying is never easy.

ManufacturersThat Specialize in Customization

Because custom tour and shuttle busses give tourcompanies such an advantage, it is important to find the right vendor to orderyour custom tour or shuttle bus. As faras leading manufacturers, some of the top names in business include ArbocMobility, Goshen Coach, Girardin Minibus, Turtle Top, Eldorado National, andMalley Industries. Each of these companies provides accessible options forsmall and large tour and shuttle busses. Each custom bus ends up serving theprecise needs of the buyer.

Dynamic Specialty Vehicles carries the leadingbrands of shuttle and tour buses and can help you purchase a custom bus thatfits your and your client’s needs. Callor stop by ours showroom to view our new and used buses.

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