What’s New in Customized Bus Sales

If you’re looking for a mid-sized bus and want to know what’s new in the market, you may be in for a surprise. Gone are the days of the “one-size-fits-all”, and the “take-it-or-leave-it” mentality. Today’s customized buses come with a whole new range of options and features that cover not only safety and comfort, but also maximize your passengers’ viewing experience.

When you contact your Arboc mobility dealer, you’ll be talking to people who will guide you to your best decision. With the right customized bus, you’ll have independence, freedom, and mobility at your fingertips. Even more than that, you have a team of support personnel who are with you all the way. We have the vision and the facilities to get you on the road with your specialized bus.

Arboc Mobility Gets You There

These customized buses in BC are known for their low-floor concepts. What does that mean? With this new design in customization, operators and passengers can take full advantage of easily getting in and out of these buses. No longer do you have to wait for standard lifts in order to exit the vehicle.

Another much-appreciated feature is the low windows. Now, wheelchair passengers can enjoy the view just like everyone else. Improvements like these make all the difference in our bus sales.

Because we’ve been in the mid-sized bus business for years, we know what is available and what will be the best vehicle for you. You have your choice of many different bus manufacturers, and we help to make that sale a successful one.

New, sleek designs with rear wheelchair entrances, or low-floor full sized vans and buses will have you on your way before you know it. These customized buses for sale in BC provide you with the very best in passenger safety and dignity, not to mention the smoothest ride you’ll ever experience.

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