What to Look for when Buying a New Minibus

Are you considering purchasing a minibus?

When looking into this new and exciting purchase, there are many factors to consider. To help you with purchasing a minibus which properly suits the needs of yourself and to accommodate for the requirements of your passengers, here are some tips we have compiled on what to look for in your hunt for the perfect vehicle.

Service History and Mileage

If the bus you are looking at is used, always check the mileage and the maintenance records. A vehicle over 120,000 miles is likely more susceptible to unforeseen malfunctions – if you are planning to keep this vehicle for a long time, it may be beneficial to look for a minibus which has not been driven as much. Comb over the maintenance history of the vehicle to ensure it has been kept up properly through the years that it has served its current owner.


Look over the vehicle’s body for signs up damage. Look for rust in the wings, below the bumpers, in the wheel arches, and around the door frames and windshield – note any corrosion in any of these areas. Taking note and dealing with this now can save you on costly repairs down the road.

Consider Your Passengers

Who will you be transporting? Try to find a vehicle that matches the seating requirements you will need. For instance, elderly passengers may require additional features to get on and off of the bus. Consider the needs of your likely passengers, and evaluate whether the bus you are considering meets those needs, or if it could easily be transformed to suit the role.

When purchasing a minibus, keep these few tips in mind to ensure that the vehicle you purchase is best equipped for your job.

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