What to Look For in a Mobility Bus

Looking for and purchasing a mobility bus for your company is not an east task to take on. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a wheelchair accessible bus that may make the task a little bit simpler for you – such as how often the vehicle will be used, who will be driving it, and how many people will be passengers at any given time?

To ensure you buy the best bus for your company, start by making a list of who you will be transporting. Two options are typically available for wheelchair accessible busses: side-loaded busses with traditional fixed seating designed to transport a large number of people at once, or smaller commercial vans which have been modified to accept wheelchairs. This section option offers limited seating, and would require modifications done to the roof to allow for more headroom – but the long term costs of this bus type might be more practical if less passengers are expected at one time.

Make sure you know your budget for both purchase and maintenance down the road. Wheelchair accessible busses are not created equally and depend greatly on customer needs to determine if the bus is right for the company. Running costs such as fuel, maintenance, and insurance need to also be considered prior to purchase as these things can vary widely depending on the type of bus purchased. Generally speaking with vehicles, the larger the vehicle is the more it will cost to run.

Don’t forget to consider the timing of your purchase. All wheelchair accessible busses are built to custom order and can take multiple months to be completed.

Purchasing a wheelchair accessible bus can be a big step for your company, and can open the doors for great new business to come. However, it is not a purchase that should be taken lightly – many considerations should be made to ensure the bus you are purchasing is the best fit for your company. On top of that, don’t forget that wheelchair accessible busses can take a few months to be custom built for you!

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