What to Expect from a Bus Maintenance Program

Do you need a preventative maintenance program to ensure your bus or buses don’t break down unexpectedly? Preventative maintenance can not only prevent big problems, it will help to ensure that your bus lasts as long as possible. If you have a fleet and need a full fleet maintenance program, you’ll benefit from staying on top of the needs of each individual bus.

Types of Programs

Some bus maintenance programs will be inclusive. In other words, you’ll get a certain set of services for free when you pay an annual fee. Any extra work will be done for a fee. Other programs offer discounts during regular servicing once you’ve paid a membership or annual fee.


Typically,maintenance programs for buses include basic regular servicing. You’ll find that a good bus maintenance program include an oil and filter change every three months (or based on mileage), as well as lube changes. Plus you’ll get your power steering fluid, break fluid, anti-freeze, and transmission fluid topped up or changed on a regular basis.


Bus maintenance programs also usually include cleaning services, both for the interior and exterior of the buses.

Commercial Vehicle Inspections

Commercial vehicle inspections (CVIP) should be done twice a year and a bus maintenance program should include those inspections.

Servicing of Special Equipment

If you have awheelchair lift or other equipment installed in your bus, that should also get serviced on a schedule.

Staying Informed

Regular bus maintenance programs will keep you informed about the needs of your buses. If you need to have the water pump replaced at a certain mileage milestone, your mechanics will let you know and update you on whether or not they recommend other work to be done based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Scheduled maintenance and additional repairs will be done before a major problem occurs.

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