What Should I Look for When Buying a Used School Bus?

Buying a used school bus can save you thousand sof dollars compared to a new one, but you also run the risk of purchasing something that you aren’t happy with. Used school bus shopping is somewhat like looking for a used car to buy, simply because you have to be a bit more selective than you would be if you bought a new one. But in the used school bus market there are some great benefits which you should know about before you golooking for a good deal on a used school bus.

School Bus Replacement Schedules

Many school districts are on a pretty set schedule of buying new school buses. Depending on where you live, the school district may replace school buses every 1-5 years. Some school districts run theirbuses down and sell them only after 8-10 years. Look into the policy of the school district you’re buying from, or if you’re buying from a refurbishing company, find out which district the buses come from and how often they typically replace their school buses.

A Good Used School Bus Dealer

Most people go to a dealer who actually specializes in selling used school buses. The great thing about a dealer is that they’ll inspect any school bus they buy and make sure it’s in good condition before they sell it. And if the dealer also services buses, they will make any repairs necessary to ensure you buy a used school bus that runs well. Finding a dealer who has a good reputation can make a big difference in the condition of the vehicle you’re considering and they’ll be able to give you details about the bus.


Capacity, cleanliness, mileage, age, repair records, and the condition of the chassis, engine, and body will all play apart in estimating a price. Knowing that a used school bus had its oil changed regularly is particularly important. Well maintained buses are less likely to have issues down the road.

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