What is New in the Tour Bus Industry in 2017?

The tour bus industry is potentially on the verge of some exciting new announcements for 2017, including new safety, technology, and comfort systems.

Over the last decade, British Columbia has seen a decrease in the crash rates of tour busses – a decrease of an average of 5.4 percent per year. With evolving safety technology, there is always room for continual improvement for safety standards in the industry.

A new report has recently made a series of recommendations for bus legislation. The report included recommendations for mandatory electronic driver logging systems, three-point passenger harnesses, and Electronic Stability control system to aid in manoeuvering around obstacles.  Policymakers, along with bus and transport companies, will work together to shape the future of the bus industry and explore ideas towards digital transformation, so as to not get left behind by an ever-evolving technical world.

A new report from King County in Washington has stated that they are committed to completely transition their fleet over to zero emissions busses – and plans to have the fleet entirely run by renewable energy between 2034 and 2040. Also in the US, the Minnesota department of Transportation has quietly launched a research project to explore autonomous busses to either aid human drivers or replace them entirely.

In Europe; the BUS2BUS congress, Future Forum, and exhibition takes place on April 25th and 26th, 2017. The event will exhibit new ideas for busses, components, infrastructure and maintenance, comfort, and digital services. The industry is expecting a large number of new, innovative ideas to be unveiled at the show that could change the future of the bussing world.

The tour bus industry could be seeing some exciting new changes in the coming in the coming years; from safety to technology, 2017 should be full of exciting announcements that could change the industry.

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