What Bus Will Suit Your Needs Best? | Questions To Ask

If you are looking for a custom bus or school bus for sale in the BC area, there are some essential questions to ask yourself.

First and foremost:

How will you use the bus?
Your answer to this first question will tell you whether you need a great number of presentable passenger seats or a customized space, say for storage. How you intend to use the bus will help you decide on the body style, storage space and size of the bus you need.

Which Body Style Do You Prefer?
A bus can make a big impression in DC. Body style is sometimes more a question of preference than anything else. Try not to make this decision glibly, however, since body style affects other major considerations. Think, for example, about where you want the door or doors. Depending on where the doors are, you may lose out on some storage space or one or two seats.

How much storage do you need?
Storage space depends partly on the body style.  Some buses have overhead storage. Others have rear entrance storage. Yet others have both. Consider how much space you need and where you want it. If a school bus for sale lacks storage space, could you consider a custom bus with overhead storage installed or luggage racks that bolt to the floor?

To what extent does size matter?
How many passengers do you expect to transport? Buying a bus in BC that will carry passengers requires some familiarity with local laws. Ask us about CDL requirements regarding gross vehicle weight ratings. If you’re looking for a custom bus, we will make sure that it meets all the  legal requirements for how you intend to use it.

Used or new?
Used school buses can be an excellent economical choice. Although they may have high mileage, school buses are well maintained and they have excellent maintenance records.

Whatever your needs, contact us today and let us help find the right BC bus for you.

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