What are the Top Uses for Custom Tour/Shuttle Buses?

People buy custom buses and shuttles for avariety of reasons. Some of the most common are obvious. Institutions that givetours and provide transportation are probably the most obvious, such as tour guidesand groups. But other people buy customer tour buses to literally take on tour. Below are the most common uses for custom tour or shuttle buses.

Handicapped Transportation

Shuttle buses can be converted to be handicappedor disabled friendly very successfully. Some custom shuttle buses are designed to transport many people with varying disabilities while others arespecifically to transport one or two people who use wheelchairs to get around. Custom changes include installing ramps or lifts and creating space within the bus for wheelchair seat belts and other safety features.

Bus to RV Conversions

Another common custom shuttle bus conversion is the bus to RV or motor home conversion. Usually the inside is converted to include a bed, a small table with benches, and sometimes another seating bench, depending on the size. A used tour bus can be an inexpensive way to get yourself a custom mobile home.

Tour Vans for Bands

Even bands that aren’t nationally known can geta lot of shows booked these days if they do the leg work. If they get the shows, they’ve got to get to the shows. Shuttle buses can be converted on the inside to accommodate the band as well as all their gear and equipment.

Business Vehicles

Custom buses can be used for many kinds of businesses that require the transportation of many people at a time. But they can also be great for plumbers and electricians who have to bring their entire tool set and extra parts with them wherever they work. A converted bus can be ideal for a tradesman who needs a higher capacity vehicle.

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