Tips on Buying a Handicap Accessible Bus

If you are in the market for a handicap accessible bus, you need to make sure you get the features your passengers need. Your passengers will want to be able to get on and off the bus easily, and they will want to be able to enjoy the trip. Fortunately, there are buses that provide all of this.

Putting the Access in Accessibility

When it comes to making it easier for passengers to get on and off the bus, a kneeling feature is a must. This feature allows the entire bus to drop down to make it easier for people to get on and off. This will help passengers who have trouble climbing up a buss steep steps. A ramp or lift is required for any passengers who use wheelchairs.

Getting Situated

Your passengers need to be able to maneuver their wheelchairs, canes and walkers with ease. That means you should choose a bus with a wide front aisle. If the bus has a standard aisle, all your passengers will have trouble moving through the bus. This will frustrate your passengers. It can also be dangerous, since passengers will not be able to get to the emergency exits quickly.

Comfort: Always a Priority

After your passengers get settled, you will want them to enjoy the ride. With that in mind, you should get a handicap accessible bus that has low windows. That way, your passengers who are in wheelchairs will be able to see out the windows, just like everyone else. That means nobody will have to miss out on all of the scenery en route.

These features will ensure that your handicapped passengers have an enjoyable trip. If they are comfortable on your bus, they will ride it time and time again. 

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