Options When Purchasing a Custom Bus

When purchasing a bus, there are some specialty options to choose from to make sure you get the best possible bus for your transportation and business needs. Buses range in size and style, and a custom bus company can make sure you get something that works for you and for your passengers.

Tour companies, hotels, care facilities and schools often use custom buses to help meet the transportation needs of both clients and staff. Determining your needs and uses for the bus will be the best first step in deciding which type of bus to purchase and how to customize it to suit your needs.

Common Types of Custom Buses

There are a few common types of specialty custom buses available.

  • Arboc Mobility buses are great for care facilities because they offer accessible entry/exit and wheelchair compatibility.
  • El Dorado National Buses offer various models including full size bus, van, and accessible minivan. This line is often used for tours and travel transportation.
  • The Goshen Coach offers flexible seating designs and unique fabrics and lighting for a medium sized transportation vehicle.
  • Blue Bird buses are the quality standard in school buses, and come in a variety of styles for ultimate safety and durability.
  • Turtle Top buses are small to mid-sized and offer shuttles, vans, tour buses, and more. This line also works to incorporate green technologies and hybrid fuel systems.
  • Malley Industries offers mobility conversion with wheelchair lifts and added features for the comfort of passengers.


Customization and Design

Each of these bus models has specific benefits, and a reputable bus sales and service company can help clients to determine which line and style is best for their needs. Many buses can be customized to fit the specific needs of the client and passengers, and each of the above buses can be configured for ultimate comfort and functionality.

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