New or Used? What you need to know about buying a School Bus

Dynamic Specialty has been restoring and customizing buses since 1987 and we have expanded our business to become one of Canada’s largest supplier of small to mid-sized buses. We are one of the primary suppliers of customized buses in BC and have also become one of the main sources for used school bus sales. If you’re in the market for purchasing either a new or used school bus, Dynamic Specialty will find the right bus for you. Before deciding which route you’d like to take, it’s important to note some benefits or disadvantages to take into consideration before buying a used school bus. Ultimately, your decision will depend on what market you will be catering to.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Used School Bus

If you will be driving shorter distances then a used bus may be the way to go, however, if you will be driving long distances on a consistent basis then a used bus will most certainly wear down quicker. Another thing to consider is built in amenities that come with new buses. Things like GPS or radios can always be installed into older buses but this will cost you more time and money. If you are looking to get to driving right away, this might not be ideal. Lastly, if you take a chance on buying a used bus rather than new, you will face a higher potential of future problems with the vehicle which could lead to loss of business. Buying a used school bus is the more affordable option and could end up being the smarter choice if you are tight on a budget. Just be sure to get the bus checked out by a professional and trustworthy mechanic with experience to look for current or potential problems. The money you will save initially won’t do you much good if you have to spend more in the future fixing your bus.

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