Mobility Vehicles and Their Importance in Your Community

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 53 million adults in the US who are living with a disability. The most common functional disability is mobility limitation. Serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs is reported by one in eight adults.

With such a large proportion of our society affected by mobility issues, it’s no wonder that mobility vehicles are important to our communities.

What is a mobility vehicle?
Mobility vehicles are custom vehicles that allow disabled people to travel freely without the burden of their disability. They can include cars with customized doors to facilitate getting in and out of the vehicles, as well as specially adapted cars to make driving easier for those with physical limitations, and they may have customised storage areas for wheelchairs.

Mobility vehicles are not only suitable for private use. More accessible public transportation can improve the quality of life for significant numbers of people. Such vehicles might feature wider doors for easy access to the vehicle or ramps to provide access for people in wheelchairs or with mobility scooters.

Why are mobility vehicles important?
One of the greatest things we can do for people with physical disabilities is to provide them with the means to be independent. Whether it’s grocery shopping, partaking in events, or visiting friends and family, mobility vehicles help disabled people to provide for themselves and to stay in touch with important people and places.

Suitable transport also allows people with mobility difficulties to work. This not only helps people to maintain a continued sense of purpose, but it means that their experience, skills, and knowledge are not lost to their community.

Advances in technology mean that mobility vehicles are increasingly sophisticated. In addition to this, the possibilities for customisation are better than ever.
At Dynamic, our experts have embraced new technologies. We are proud of our continuing work to adapt shuttle buses, ambulances, and other vehicles to help improve the lives of people with mobility issues.

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