Maintaining Your Bus Exterior

How to keep it looking new

When you have a bus or professional custom van, most likely you’re using it for professional purposes. Running a business or bus service means maintaining your reputation. You want people to think of your buses as clean, comfortable and convenient. Even though the exterior of your bus will have no effect on the comfort of your passengers, it will have an effect on what they think of you and your business. Keeping it clean is an important part of keeping your business in business!

Regular Maintenance is Key

Most importantly, avoid letting things get out of control by cleaning your bus on a regular basis. If you live somewhere where the bus is getting muddy or rained on, it’s still important that you wash it thoroughly. Water spots form when water is allowed to dry on the paint, and they can be impossible to remove, especially if the water dries in the sun. Here are some tips for keeping the paint job looking shiny:

  • Wash dirt, dust, and mud with plenty of water.
  • Use a high pressure hose to spray off dirt before scrubbing so you don’t scratch the paint with the dirt.
  • Don’t skip windows – remember that’s how passengers see out of the bus. They’ll notice water spots.
  • Always dry your bus with a towel, preferably one that is scratch-free.
  • Never let water dry in the sun.
  • Make washing a regular part of your routine.

In addition, you should be sure to maintain parts that aid in the cleanliness of your bus exterior. Windshield wipers should be replaced on a regular schedule so that they continue to give you a perfectly clear view. Always have enough washer fluid. And take the time to do a walk around before you head out. If you stick to a regular cleaning schedule, you’ll look like you’ve got the cleanest, nicest custom bus for a long time.

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