Know Your Rights in Bus Auto Repair

Bus owners don’t take repairs lightly. Nor should they! Any vehicle is important, but no one owns a bus unless it is necessary. While it may be tempting to rush into getting your bus fixed, it is our experience that a wise owner will take the time to check that all their rights are being honoured. 

Get an Estimate Before Repairs Begin 

The first step is to ask for an estimate. Not every autoshop or mechanic will have the equipment or expertise required to work on a bus. At Dynamic Speciality we combine the experience of working with second hand buses that we renovate and sell, an in-house parts service, and highly trained mechanics. That is to say, when we give an estimate it is accurate and unlikely to change. Beware any mechanic who gives varying estimates, discovers extra work or doesn’t wait for your full authorisation to proceed. We stress to all our customers that no work will be undertaken without the owner’s express permission to proceed with the repair. 

Spare Parts, Warrantees, and Guarantees 

A further advantage of having an in-house parts service is every spare part is on-hand. Be aware that not every piece of equipment is perfect, and new parts should come with a warranty. However, sometimes parts can be difficult to get hold of and it is important that the auto shop repairing your bus offers continuity of supply. Guarantees on the work may also be part of the repair contract and an establishment that doesn’t trust itself to give guarantees should not be trusted by you to carry out repairs on your bus. 

Finally, the other sticking point with auto repairs can be insurance cover. At Dynamic Speciality we have plenty of experience in dealing with insurers and our expert assessments are trusted. Whatever the repair, we can help.

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