How to Buy a Used School Bus in BC

When it comes time to purchase a used school bus for your BC company, some people may find that they have more valid opinion in the subject than they may have expected themselves to have.  Professionals seasoned in both buying and selling in the used bus market compare the experience of buying a used school bus to be very similar to the process of buying a used car.


With that in mind, we first must think: what are the important aspects of buying a used car? One of the most important things will be to look for is a healthy engine with lots of life left to transport your customers safely.


It is very important to pay close attention to the chassis, as this can be the cause of once of the biggest costs in bus repair – and will determine the life span of your used bus.  The engine, no matter how used it is, should still be a viable workhorse to serve you in your needs for it.

Find out the history on each bus you consider. A vehicle’s past could determine its potential future and how well it can work for what you need. Start with a review of the mileage on the engine, and the service history. While it isn’t uncommon for an older us to have had its engine or transmission replaced, these things should be well documented, along with all other services the bus has undergone. If the engine has been replaced, it is important to find out if the replacement was new or used, and how long ago it was installed. This will help you determine if it may need replaced again in the near future.

Finally, don’t be afraid to have your preferred mechanic come along with you to view the bus, and to provide a thorough inspection to give you their professional opinion, and to reveal any potential issues with purchasing the particular unit.

While purchasing a used school bus can be quite similar to looking at a used car in BC, what you will be using the bus for can mean that you should take some extra precautions, such as having your mechanic thoroughly look into the status of the engine. This can ensure you are buying the best bus for you business.

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