Bus Safety and Inspection Standards in BC

The safety of your bus passenger is of paramount importance. Therefore, concrete actions should be taken place every day to ensure the safety of your passengers, your drivers, and your equipment. From daily inspections, to maintenance, to mandatory CVSE inspections, there are number of steps that should be taken when safety is your top priority.

Daily Safety Inspections

The bus driver is the first person to ensure that his/her vehicle is consistently in good working order. The driver is required to make a daily visual inspection both in and outside of the vehicle and to report any anomalies to management, who will then resolve the issue promptly. Daily checks should include a thorough look-over both in an outside of the vehicle, and should include checking all tires and lights to ensure they are in working order.


All carriers have an obligation to properly and regularly maintain their vehicles. While regulations decide the minimum inspection criteria, most carriers should have the mechanical condition of their busses inspected to higher standards, and on a regular basis.

Federal Safety Standards

Transport Canada currently has 37 safety standards on a federal level for designing and building public busses made or imported in Canada. These standards address safety features such as braking, lighting, emergency exits, seat strength, and tire requirements. Based on analyses of accident studies, Transport Canada has determined that busses provide a high level of occupant protection  – this is the same reason that we do not see seatbelts on school busses, as studies have revealed that seatbelts could cause more harm than without.

CVSE Inspections

The Vehicle Inspection & Standards program encompasses all types of highway vehicles – both private and commercial. It is dedicated to improve vehicle and road safety in British Columbia. The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) strives to have only the safest of vehicles operating on BC’s highways. Commercial Vehicle Inspections are required to be performed on all commercial vehicles through an authorized mechanic. The mechanic will conduct inspections and ensure that the vehicle meets CVSE safety standards.

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